Cafe Tables,  Break Room Tables, and Conference Tables

Choose your Size!

Pediatric Office is the premier resource for cafe tables, work tables and conference tables. Are you looking for a cafe table for your break room or a yogurt shop table?  Our cafe tables are designed with a wide range of size, color and base options in mind to fit any application including cafe tables, yogurt shop tables, work tables, and conference tables. These tables are perfect for yogurt shops looking for yogurt shop tables or yogurt shop furniture. . See below for our easy to follow directions on how to design and build the perfect table.

Pick-a-Top and Pick-a-Base and Design your Table.

Build the perfect table for your space in a few simple steps.

1. Select a table top size and shape.

2. Select a table top finish.

3. Select a table edge profile.

4. Select an edge color.

5. Select a table base style and height.

6. Finish by selecting a base finish.

1. Select Your Table Top Size And Shape

Round, square, or rectangular table tops are available in sizes to suit your everday spaces and needs. Select a top size and shape. Finish with rich wood veneer or choose a laminate table top. Balanced construction provides long-lasting durability. Our tops are pre-drilled for easy assembly.

Square Top:

D 24" L 24"

D 30" L 30"

D 36" L 36"

 D 48" D 48"

 D 54" D 54"

 D 60" D 60"

Round Top:

  Dia: 24"

  Dia: 30"

Dia 36"

 Dia: 42"

Dia 48"

Dia 54"

 Dia: 60"

Rectangle Top:

     D: 20" L 30" 36" 42" 48" 60" 72"

     D: 24" L 30" 36" 42" 48" 60" 72"

D: 30" L 36" 42" 46" 60" 72"

D: 36" L 46" 60" 72"


2. Select a Table Top Finish


 Introducing: Matching Table Top Laminates and Chair & Table Ball Glide Colors!

Chair and Ball Glide Colors Shown With a *

Table Colors Shown On The Right.


The Laminates Below are the Solid Color Laminates For Waiting Room Tables


3. Select An Edge Profile

The most common edge for a cafe table is the laminate or vinyl & 3mm. The urethane edge is twice as expensive. The vinyl bumper T edge is great for pediatric offices.


4. Select An Edge Color

5. Select a Table Base

Sturdy steel and cast iron bases can easily be paired with our tops but there are some cases where a certain base will not work with the desired top. Our designer can assist you in choosing the best match for your table top to suit your particular application or needs. All bases are designed to achieve a standard table height (27 3/4") or counter-top height (40 3/4"). These are the most popular bases.

Disc Round X-Base Disc Square
Disc Wave Round Fluted, Cast Iron Disc Wave Square

6. Select a Base Finish