Amadeus Sled - Also Available in 4 Leg

Price: $213.20

Sale Price: $169.60

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Prod. Code: AMS_PO

Decorate your pediatric office waiting room with simplicity and vibrant colors by choosing the Amadeus waiting room chair. The Amadeus chair is made with a sleek profile and welcoming proportions making this versatile waiting room or café chair a perfect fit for offices, cafe's and reception areas. The Amadeus chair comes in a SLED BASE and a 4 LEG. 

The 4 Leg is priced at: $195.57  The SLED BASE is priced at: $169.60 

Measurements: SLED BASE 

  • Width: 21" 
  • Depth: 21.75" 
  • Height: 32" 
  • Seat Height: 19" 

Measurements: 4-LEG

  • Width: 21.5" 
  • Depth: 22" 
  • Height: 32" 
  • Seat Height: 19" 


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