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The Bola Children's Chairs & Tables are a Pediatric Office Furniture favorite! 

Offered in both thermoplastic and vinyl seat options, there are endless possibilites to create colorful children's chairs for you waiting room! The simple, iconic look of the Bola chairs are an excellent and popular choice for children's areas. 


Decorate your office with the complete line of bola furniture and you will have a colorful and coordinated look that can't be beat in a pediatric office waiting room!

Call us or fill out our form and we will contact you in one business day. All of our waiting room furniture is made to order so that you can pick out your colors that will work for your pediatric office or reception area.

Bola Upholstered Children's Chair

SKU: R45001
$876.00 Regular Price
$438.00Sale Price

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    The Bola Children's Chair comes in a Junior and Teen Size.

    See Specs for dimensions



    Click HERE to look at the different fabric lines and color swatches!

    The Price for the Bola Junior Chair is: $196.86

    The Price for the Bola Teen Chair is: $213.69

    Bola Junior Chair Upholstered:

    Grade 1: $365.00

    Grade 2: $403.00

    Grade 3: $438.00

    Grade 4: $477.00

    Grade 5: $521.50

    Grade 6: $576.50

    Grade 7: $632.00

    Grade 8: $684.50

    Grade 9: $740.00

    Bola Teen Upholstered:

    Grade 1: $432.00

    Grade 2: $451.50

    Grade 3: $471.50

    Grade 4: $493.50

    Grade 5: $515.50

    Grade 6: $543.00

    Grade 7: $571.00

    Grade 8: $598.00

    Grade 9: $626.00



    Width: 18"

    Depth: 19"

    Seat Height: 13"  (Upholstered + .5") Chair Height: 24"

    Weight: 9 lbs 


    Width: 20.5"

    Depth: 20.5"

    Seat Height: 15" (Upholstered + .5")  Chair Height: 28.5"

    Weight: 11 lbs


    • Thermoplastic or Vinyl seat option

    • Upholstered chairs have 1 1/2" urethane foam over 1/2" contoured molded plywood seat, 3/4" urethane foam over 1/3" contoured molded plywood back, 1/4" urethane foam on back cover 

    • Colorful, iconic ball glides (mix color glides for an extra charge)


    Your custom Bola Upholstered Children's 4-Leg Chairs will ship out 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order

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