The Flurry Sled Base Chair is a high-density polypropylene colorful, mullti-purpose chair that radiates charm and character. With 8 colors to choose from, the Flurry Sled Base Chair is a great option for a colorful waiting room or reception area. This chair can be ganged together and stackd 10 chairs high from the floor. The signature cut-outs for waterfall seat and supportive back offer an enchanced design aspect for this colorful waiting room chair.


The Flurry is a favorite for pediatricians for their active play room with a wipeable surface that can cleaned regularly. With a comfortable seat and an affordable price and bright colors, the Flurry is hard to beat for a pediatric office waiting room. 

Flurry Sled Base Chair

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    *Minimum purchase of 4 chairs


    Seat width: 19.75"  Depth: 23"
    Seat Depth: 18"  Height: 32"
    Weight: 15 lbs 
    Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


    • Wall-saver leg design (no scratches on your walls!)
    • Chairs can be ganged together
    • Free drop shipping for 4 chairs or more
    • Comes as a stool as well


    Approx. 3 weeks from the time you place your order

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