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The Golf Sled Base chair is a great addition to your pediatric office waiting room. The Golf Sled Base Chair is made from maple moulded plywood overlaid with beautful wood finishes or colorful laminates. The Golf Sled Base or 4 leg chair will rejuvenate and energize any waiting room,  conference space, guest area, cafeteria or training room. Add a touch of creativity and fun with colorful laminates for seat and back of the Golf Sled Base chair by choosing refreshing colors in a laminate. The Golf sled base or 4 leg chair comes in colorful thermoplastics or a wood finish. 


The moulded laminate look is the newest craze to hit pediatric waiting rooms and restaurants. There is a 20 chair minimum per laminate color or an upcharge will incur. 


The cut out circles add a touch of creativity and fun to your pediatric office waiting room. Choose from 9 colorful laminates or beautiful wood finishes. The Golf chair will last forever with the durable and wipe clean finish for a pediatric office waiting room.  The Golf chair comes in a sled base, 4 leg and a counter and bar height stool. 



Golf Sled Base Chair


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    call us at 936-372-5178 or email us at

    *For the colorful laminate, the price is $299.88

    (The laminate process is more expensive to lay a piece of laminate over the seat and backside of the chair for a very modern and colorful look)


    Width: 16.5" 

    Depth: 18.5" 

    Height: 31.2"

    Seat Height: 18" 

    Weight: 20 lbs. 

    Wallsaver! by 1/4 - 1/2 Inch 


    • Stackable with a cute fun design 

    • Comes is sled base or 4 leg chair both equipped with glides - the 4 leg comes with swivel head metal glides 

    • Shell is 7/16" thick moulded plywood 

    • Laminate option: requires 20 chairs per color or upcharge will occur

    • Laminate option: a laminate sheet is applied over the plywood on both faces of the shell 


    The Golf chair will ship out in 8 to 10 weeks from the time the order is placed. Production times vary so please call to check: 936-372-5178 office. 

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