The Intu Sled Base Chair comes in 4 inspiring colors with a modern design. This versatile waiting room chair will keep your patients cool and comfortable. The Intu chair is also available as a stool. These functional chairs are easy to clean, arrange and stack. Their elegant design and colors are sure to compliment your office decor. A colorful and affordable waiting room chair is what you will find in the Intu Sled Base chair.  The price shown, $103.48 is priced at 4 chairs per box- one color per box. To buy Intu in quantities of 1 chair per box: The cost is $119.60 each. 


The one shell design is perfect for pediatric office waiting rooms. No small heads or hands getting stuck in small and tight places. Many pediatricisns are looking for a chair with a continous shell making the Intu sled base chair a perfect option for a pediatric office waiting room or sports complex or any venue looking for affordable reception chairs. 


The Intu Sled Base waiting room chair also comes with an upholstered seat pad. Since the Intu reception chairs are not offered in very many color options, you can "UP" your color options for your waiting room with an upholstered seat. You can purchase a black, white or gray shell and place a pop of color in the seat pad. Prices for the Intu waiting room chair with a seat pad are listed on this page. The price of your chair will be determined with the fabric that you choose for your seat. We will send out fabric samples to help you coordinate and match your colors with your exisiting waiting room decor. 

Intu Sled Base Chair

SKU: 1412
$165.00 Regular Price
$103.48Sale Price

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    *Minimum purchase of 4 chairs


    The Intu Sled Base has the option to add an upholstered seat. You can pick a colorful fabric or vinyl. The price of the Intu chair will be determined by the fabric that you choose. 

    Click HERE to look at the different fabric lines and color swatches!

    Fabric Grade 1: $171.60 

    Fabric Grade 2: $179.92 

    Fabric Grade 3: $189.80 

    Fabric Grade 4: $202.28 

    Fabric Grade 5: $219.44 

    Fabric Grade 6: $243.88 

    Fabric Grade 7: $268.32 

    Fabric Grade 8: $292.76 

    Fabric Grade 9: $317.20


    Seat Width: 21"  Depth: 23.75"
    Seat Height: 17.25"  Chair Height: 32.5"  
    Weight: 17 lbs
    Weight Capacity: 300 lbs 


    • No additional charge for chrome frame

    • Chairs can be ganged together

    • Option for upholstered seat 

    • Offered as stool 

    • Free drop shipping

    • Backed by a life-time warranty

    • Ships in 2 business days


    Your custom Intu chairs will ship out 3 weeks from the time you place your order