The Blooming Meadow Interactive Book Display is not only functional as book storage, but is an incredible activity for children to practice their fine motor skills. Create a grassland indoors and fill with your favorite books for eager readers. In addition, create an inviting, unique space that excite children about playing and also offer educational, interactive play by combining mutliple wall decors and other interactive displays to complete your children's area.


Need help decorating your children's area? We have experience and a knowledge of the market to help you create the perfect, custom space. 

Blooming Meadow Interactive Book Display


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    Height: 17" 

    Width: 30"

    Depth: 7"


    •10 year warranty

    • Interactive play to improve fine motor skills

    • Made of birch

    • Mounting hardware included


    The Blooming Meadow Book Display will ship out 2-4 weeks from the time you place your order

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