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The Bola chair offers simple classic comfort in 15 thermoplastic colors combined with the distinct ball glides and the arched arms for the bola arm chair for a perfect look for a pediatric office waiting room. The Bola chair comes in wood, thermoplastic and upholstered finishes. The Bola chair is by far one of our most popular waiting room chairs. The Bola chair comes in armed and armless and you can buy the Bola tables, Bola children's tables and chairs and Bola side tables for a coordinated look for your waiting room. 


Decorate your office with the complete line of Bola furniture and you will have a colorful and coordinated look for your pediatric office waiting room. Pick your colors and design your pediatric office waiting room with the colors that will go with your theme or logo!Call us or fill out our form and we will contact you in one business day. All of our waiting room furniture is made to order so that you can pick out your colors that will work for your pediatric office or reception area. 


Bola Chair

SKU: BOL-R45018
$419.00 Regular Price
$230.45Sale Price

    Click HERE to get a quote and place an order!


    call us at 936-372-5178 or email us at


    Width: 21" 

    Seat Height: 17"   Chair Height: 31" 

    Depth: 22" 

    Weight: 12 lb 


    • 15 Thermoplastic colors 

    • Pediatric look with ball glides 

    • Favorite pediatric office waiting room chair 

    • Wipeable and cleanable 

    • Matching bola tables and benches and children's bola table set 

    • Non wallsaver 


    Your custom Bola chairs will ship out in 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order

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