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The Camelia chair is an affordable molded plywood stackable armless chair that is very popular in pediatric office waiting rooms. The Camelia chair is available in a variety of wood stains or ALSO  comes in colorful laminates. The laminate shell requires a minimum of 25 shells per color and is priced at $324.40 per chair. The reason is that the chair manufacturer must order the laminates in a sheet size so there is a chair minimum in each color required. 


The base of the plywood shell is fastened to the two seat rails from the bottom by means of 8 screws in order to form a neat, solid whole- great for a pediatric office waiting room.  A cushion seat can be installed over the shell sheet. The frame colors are black, chrome, silver gray, dark gray, or light gray. The Camelia chair does not have a wall-saver leg design so a chair rail would be required to protect the walls from the back of the chair. 


Call us today at 936-372-5178 for free design help for your waiting room. Find great photos of this unique waiting room chair in our photo album and decorating blog. 

Camelia Chair


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    call us at 936-372-5178 or email us at

    **For the colorful laminate shell, the price is: $213.21

    (The laminate process is more expensive to lay a piece of laminate over the seat and backside of the chair for a very modern and colorful look).


    Width: 19" 

    Seat Height: 18"  Chair Height: 35" 

    Seat Depth: 18" 

    Seat Width: 18 1/2" 


    • Comes in a stool size – counter and bar height 

    • Optional padded seat – pick colors on our fabric page 

    • Mono shell great for pediatric office waiting rooms 

    • Steel tubing construction - 5/8" diameter 14 gauge bent steel 

    • Modern and sleek design 

    • 20 shell quantity required for laminates 


    Your custom Camelia chairs will ship out in 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order

    *Colorful laminate chairs will take longer production time

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