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The Cielo Tables are sleek with a carefully crafted frame that provides a durable foundation for demanding environments. Choose from round, rectangular, or circle shapes and sizes and add a touch of style to your reception area, cafe, library, etc. We love the Cielo tables and their unique look and style! 


Are you looking for a stylish and affordable waiting room or reception table? The Cielo Tables are a great match for your pediatric office waiting room and medical reception areas.


Cielo Tables

SKU: 8065-432016-
$1,048.30 Regular Price
$824.45Sale Price

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    Square Tables

    Width: 18"  Depth: 18"  Height: 18"  Price: $542.30

    Width: 22"  Depth: 22"  Height: 18" Price: $559.90

    Width: 30"  Depth: 30"  Height: 16" Price: $757.35

    Width: 36"  Depth: 36"  Height: 16" Price: $844.80 

    Rectangular Table

    Width: 43"  Depth: 20"  Height: 16" Price: $842.45

    Round Tables

    Diameter: 18"  Height: 18" Price: $562.65

    Diameter: 22"  Height: 18" Price: $594.55

    Diameter: 30"  Height: 16" Price: $791.45

    Diameter: 36"  Height: 16" Price: $865.15


    • Round, square, and rectangular table shapes

    • Laminate tops feature an exposed wood edge

    • Table tops available in all standard laminate finishes (3/4" thick), solid white surface (1/2" thick) or white back-painted glass (1/4" thick)

    • Non-skid glides available for a $22 upcharge

    • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

    • Match with Cielo Benches


    Your custom Cielo Tables will ship out 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order

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