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Our most affordable waiting room or exam room chair!

The Discover Waiting Room Chair comes in 15 inspiring colors built from high performance construction. The polypropylene shell provides a balance of flex and support for a comfortable waiting room chair. The Discover Chair's contemporary design offers a versatile solution at an afforadable price. The Discover's structural ribs provide support and stability while increasing flexibility for added comfort. The stackability maximizes your storage capacity when the chairs are not in use. The best feature about the Discover Chair is that the back of the chair will not touch the wall, so this is a wall saver chair, which means no more scratches on your waiting room walls.  You can't beat the price and value of the Discover Chair. Discover a colorful waiting room chair for your pediatric office that is comfortable and affordable. 


Make sure you click on our photo album page, blog and facebook page to see some photos of pediatric offices decorated with the Discover 4-Leg Chair.  Children sizes available in 12'', 14'', and 16"  seat heights. Fill out our form to get a shipping quote.


Call us today and we will help you plan your waiting room space with these vibrant color options for your pediatric office waiting room. Call 936-372-5178 or fill out our form and we will contact you.


Discover Chair


    Click HERE to get a quote and place an order!


    call us at 936-372-5178 or email us at

    *The Discover chairs ship 5 to a carton or you can order 1 Discover chair per carton. So you order in quantities of 5 chairs per box- one color per box or 1 chair per box. There is a 5-dollar upcharge for ordering in quantities of 1 chair per box. 


    Seat Width: 17"  Depth: 17.5"
    Seat Height: 18"  Chair Height: 33.25"
    Weight: 15 lbs 
    Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

    This is a wall saver chair (no scrapes on your wall!)


    • Comes in 15 polypropylene thermoplastic colors

    • No upgrade for chrome frame 

    • A waiting room chair favorite with customers 

    • Affordable and sturdy with life time warranty 


    Outside of the busy summer season (July - September) the Discover 4-Leg Chair will ship out in 5 to 6 weeks from the date you place your order

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